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Super Cool Smart Fridges Are Here!

By on March 10, 2017


Wow, have you already seen those new kitchen appliances that are popping up on the market nowadays? Not that it’s net predictable but it still makes a great impact on you when you actually see these things in action. As you know the technology goes gets better every single day and the rate is even increasing. It’s crazy how much have been done over the past decade while the companies did everything possible to satisfy clients needs and requirements. The busy competition on the market for being the best brand has also signed to the huge advancement we can see everywhere around us.

One of the easiest ways to realize this advancement is by looking at your mobile phones you’ve had in possession over the last few years. It’s like a never-ending race of companies trying to make an impact on you and gain your affection. Smartphones, notepads, ipads are now a common stuff most of us use on daily basis (I’d even say that most of the people use it way too much – it’s so easy to get immersed in this stuff and lose the notion of time).

As you can imagine, it was just a question of time when the fridges became a target of companies trying to integrate all this smart stuff into them as well. No wonder, I think that probably everyone can clearly see that huge potential of utilizing this technology in fridges. Imagine that the fridge would inform you on your iphone if a food in our fridge is going to expire, or that one of your pre-set favorite foods is being depleted, etc. Actually, the amount of advantages on a smart fridge is almost endless – it’s a fully functional computer with a huge touch screen.

If you’re in love with tablets, you’re gonna love smart fridges soo much. They even have cameras inside so that you can check what you have inside via your phone while being practically anywhere – great use of this feature is of course if you’re shopping and you’re trying to find out what’s needed to be added to your cart, etc.

One of the first companies to come up with this idea was Samsung and LG followed shortly after. Today we can say it’s kind of a battle between these huge and popular gigants. So what’s better than a video to present you both of them, currently nothing so here we go:

Samsung’s Smart Fridge

LG smart fridge with half-transparent display & Windows 10

And how much does such a thing cost? If interested be prepared to set aside around $5,000 to $6,000 – certainly not cheap but for many people really worth it! So what’s your take on this new way of fridges? Comment your thoughts below and if you happen to own one, we’d really appreciate if you shared some of the insights with us!


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