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Is a Counter Depth Refrigerator Right for You?

By on October 31, 2015

Your kitchen often says a lot about you as a person and as a homeowner. You give it further character when you have a nice cabinetry installed with perfectly matched counters and tiles. Other than cooking, a lot of things take place in the kitchen.

It is the area you…

  • first want to go into after grocery shopping
  • prepare and cook food, organize kiddie snacks, mix refreshing drinks, etc
  • do the dishes
  • go to first thing in the morning for a warm cup of coffee

…and as such, kitchen often is the busiest area of the house most of the day. If you are the type of person who loves to cook, the kitchen could well be your domain. What else could complete the perfect setting of a lovely kitchen? It will be none other than its primary attraction, the refrigerator. Refrigerators can certainly impact how your kitchen would look like.

refrigerator shelves

Courtesy of Goedeker’s/Flickr

That said, are you planning on getting a new refrigerator for your kitchen? Have you thought of counter depth refrigerator considering how impressive they look? How they command attention?

Is it right for your kitchen?

Impressive as they look, there are some things you need to look into before actually buying one. A particular model that is on sale and has great features would seem so right but you don’t want to regret the decision once you bring it home. Remember, it is not an easy item to return.

stainless model

Courtesy of Linda N./Flickr

Below are some counter depth refrigerator facts that may help you in your buying decision:

  • This kitchen appliance is more stylish compared to the traditional models. The design complements kitchen cabinets and décor.
  • Compared to traditional models, counter depth refrigerator offers less storage, more of appeal but nevertheless functional.
  • Regular depth dimensions run from 23 inches to 27 inches while standard units are about 30 inches to 34 inches.
  • The sizes may still differ depending on the brand and style. Some manufacturers do not include the back space, handles and doors in declaring measurements. It is important that you get the correct dimensions of your kitchen space and the actual refrigerator model to ensure it actually fits.
  • Compared to regular refrigerators, counter depth are more expensive. However, unlike specific built-in types, most units will blend with kitchen setting without any need for remodeling.
  • While there are the typical black and white and other color options, the most popular and widely bought is stainless steel.
  • Typical model has its freezer on the top but you can find one where the freezer is at the bottom. The most popular though is side-by-side model where the freezer is on the left and the refrigerator on the right.
  • Counter depth are generally taller too to make up for their lack of storage depth.
  • French-door models are great for kitchens with restricted spaces for the doors don’t swing too wide.
  • Operates quietly, a counter depth fridge also offers impressive temperature performance yet energy efficient at the same time.
  • For added functionality, some features include door water and ice dispensers, pullout shelves and touchpad controls.

So when getting a new refrigerator and are considering counter depth models, keep in mind the considerations mentioned here. You can then decide if it is the right one for your kitchen and for the needs of your family.

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