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An Introduction to Counter Depth Refrigerators

By on June 8, 2014

Refrigerators are an essential kitchen appliance that many households cannot go without. Here are some of the reasons why:

  1. They make life very convenient because they save housewives many trips to the supermarket.
  1. They play an important role in saving because foodstuff can go for days without spoiling when placed inside.
  1. Busy mothers can cook extra meals at a time, store in the fridge and just be re-heat come dinner time which means they can have more time for the family and for themselves.
  1. Cold, refreshing drinks are instantly available any given time of the day, particularly during a hot sunny day.

In the early days, this kitchen essential did not have the aesthetic appeal they have today. They were simply a bulky, unattractive cabinet-looking piece of appliance. Today however, manufacturers have created designs that can blend into any kitchen interior design and color. One of the very trendy designs today is the counter depth refrigerator.

What it is

Just as its name implies, the counter depth refrigerator (some call it cabinet-depth) is made to fit according to the exact depth of a kitchen counter or cabinet. Some are custom-made to blend in with the decor of the cooking area that they are not easily spotted at first glance, camouflaged to look like a part of the row of cabinets.

Its advantages

  • People can design their kitchens with better functionality involving a refrigerator that perfectly fits.
  • Compared to stand alone fridge, this type can help save on much needed kitchen spaces.
  • They come in a wide range of depths to suit various counter top or cabinet measurements.
  • They come in different practical functionalities to suit a family’s needs on a day to day basis.

Its disadvantages

  • Compared to most standard fridges, counter depth refrigerators are smaller.
  • With a size that is less than the regular item, bigger families might miss the bigger space found in most stand alone models.
  • Designed in general to blend with cabinets and counter tops, they don’t always feature a fresh ice and water filtration system.
  • These refrigerators are also costlier as they are intended to really become a prominent item in the kitchen.

Still these are drawbacks that can be easily addressed by knowing the type, model, size, functionality and even brand that will suit individual preferences prior to designing a particular kitchen.

Types available

Being an appliance designed to fit with kitchen design and cabinetry, there are an expected wide array of models and make for counter depth refrigerators.

Some models have French-door-type opening with its pull-out freezer at the bottom while others have the freezer on top. There are also a range of colors and styles as well as sizes. While this type is said to have limited space, a kitchen with ample space can be fitted with a side-by-side counter depth fridge to accommodate more contents.

In a world where most homes are furnished with fixtures and appliances that are not only attractive but also functional, it is the best time to have something that really stands out in your kitchen. Find out which among the wide array of available models will look perfect in your home.

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