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Get a Counter Depth Refrigerator, No More Food Spoilage

By on November 18, 2015
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Almost everybody knows that to have a sound financial plan is to set a budget for everything. A big amount of it goes to food especially to a family with children. Every parent who works hard to earn a decent living want enough provision for food; food that is bought with hard-earned money and should not, must never, go to waste. People can be very frugal about everything else but are willing to spend for good food. Thus it is just and right to make sure none of it is spoiled.

Food preservation can be any of the following: salting, fermentation, pasteurization, pickling, drying, canning, etc. Most require some hard work and in the old days, they were the only options. Today, however, modern technology has allowed an easier way to preserve food and that is by refrigeration and freezing.

Refrigeration and Freezing

  • The most convenient and fastest way of food preservation and conservation used by most people. It is ideal for busy mothers and for people who divide their time to accommodate more productive hours such as restaurant owners, chefs and caterers.
  • Food can stay free of bacteria for longer time from 7 to 14 days, sometimes longer.
  • With refrigeration and freezing, meats and beverages can retain their texture and taste until they are ready to be cooked or served.
  • Although better prepared when fresh, preparation and serving of fruits and vegetables may be delayed for a day or two. This is important for mothers who don’t have time to go out daily to pick up fresh produce from the market.


Why a Counter Depth Refrigerator?


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Gone are the days when food preservation was a tedious process. Since the introduction of these cooling machines, the amount of time and money spent on frequent trips to the grocery and the market has been significantly reduced. It allowed mommies more time for children and the home.

When it comes to choices, while the regular refrigerator does the same job, below are some of the reasons why a counter depth refrigerator makes a good choice.

  • They complete the look of a kitchen in a more stylish but uniform way.
  • Saves space in the kitchen, allowing smooth flow of kitchen traffic.
  • Provides easy and convenient access to food and beverages with the way shelves and compartments are designed.
  • Poses no protrusion issues. No more bumping and hitting when working on a rush.
  • Some models are designed with dual evaporators for maximum temperature control and food odor reduction.
  • Inside environment is monitored well with electronically controlled sensors. This allows automatic adjustment of temperature for best possible food preservation.
  • Designed with automatic frost buildup detection, the automatic defrost system is triggered so that freezer and chiller contents are saved and energy is conserved.

On top of making sure that food stays fresh, specific counter depth refrigerator models also come with water dispenser equipped with water filter. After all, it is not only food that should stay safe for eating. The water you drink should also be refreshingly safe whenever and wherever you need to quench a thirst.

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