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Counter Depth Refrigerator Measurements

By on November 1, 2015

When talking about size, the counter depth refrigerator measurements may give different numbers. On the other hand, the average depth of this food and beverage cooling device measures at 25 inches. But there are those that measure as low as 24 inches or even bigger at 26.5 inches.

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What makes a fridge a counter depth type?

It is not really the depth despite the name but the dimensions. On search engines using the popular term counter depth, the common measurement you are likely to see is about the sizes mentioned above. If you would look up another style called French-door, the numbers are likely to be the same as far as depth is concerned. What sets them apart is generally the price.

How do you determine the right measurements when it comes to fridge space and the fridge itself? There are several factors to give consideration to.

  • Measuring a counter depth fridge takes into consideration the space where it belongs.
  • Measurements start from the wall itself not the kitchen backsplash.
  • A backsplash can add an extra inch when considering space.
  • A depth measurement of 25 inches, even if promoted as counter depth doesn’t necessarily make it one.
  • Dimensions don’t always equate to the fridge only as back clearance for airflow is an important aspect.
  • Fridge doors measure from 2 inches to 4 inches depending on the model.


Getting It Right

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This can sometimes have different interpretations and where your kitchen space and refrigerator model are concerned, you would want to get the real measurements. While the manufacturer may have a website that provides dimension guide, it may always work the way you believe it would when making sure the appliance will fit right into its intended spot in your kitchen. Instead of using the sales page of a product, look for the technical specification of the actual model you intend to purchase.


Twenty-five cubic feet may have an actual depth of 30 and 1/8 inches when everything about its dimension is factored in. An actual box of 24 inches, for instance, may total 27.5 inches after its doors and its needed back space are added. When the doors and handles are also considered, it may actually total 30 and 1/8 inches. This may still depend on how its doors swing.

Once you have the right measurements established, here are tips to really get it right covering all aspects:

  1. Include in your measurements the space between ceiling and floor then add about an inch. You want to make sure your fridge does not hit the top.


  1. When measuring space width, add an inch (or two) so you can easily slide your fridge in or out. It will also allow enough space for sides of the doors when opening.


  1. Take the measurement of the space between the wall up to the front of the cabinets. This will tell you if the model you intend to purchase will be jutting out or not.


  1. Measure where the doors will be swinging open to determine if there will be enough space to allow full opening.


Lastly, before making that investment of purchasing a counter depth refrigerator, you might also want to measure the hallway, the door, etc where the appliance will pass through. Not unless you’d settle for it being stuck in the entrance.

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  • “A depth measurement of 25 inches, even if promoted as counter depth doesn’t necessarily make it one.”
    Of course it does! I would not rely on the info presented here.

    • Yes, Bill..the point is that you just always have to make sure that it’s really the depth that you need. The label “counter-depth” is often applied to a range of depths for marketing purposes.

      • But 25″ IS counter depth, period. If you have a countertop that is deeper than a nominal 25″ then it is YOU who are off, not the fridge.