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Why Buy a Counter Depth Refrigerator

By on June 8, 2014

Gone are the days when refrigerators jutted out from a kitchen counter or from a row of attractive kitchen cabinets. They used to look like an eye sore but they are a necessity that most homes can’t do without. But an eye sore they are not anymore. Thanks to the new counter depth refrigerators. They are sleek and gorgeously eye-catching but should you buy it?

Knowing how they make a modern kitchen look all the more sophisticated with that built-in advantage could make you jump and say yes without further ado. Here are more reasons why people opt for this pricier appliance.

  • Counter depth refrigerators make it a lot easier to build cabinetry around the kitchen even before or after the purchase. They still would look like they are built-in.
  • They can be added to an existing kitchen interior and decoration without having to disrupt the assembly.
  • While they are generally smaller compared to standard fridges, their extra width can compensate for the depth they may lack.
  • They allow an extra 6 inches of floor space to allow enough room for extra clearance when busy in the kitchen.
  • Because of the way they are built, the half-width doors still give you room to move about even when they are open.
  • Built comparatively smaller to stand alone fridge, it is more beneficial to smaller households and foods are consumed before they spoil.
  • They make a good investment not only in making your home design more attractive, they also increase the value of a property.

It’s in the design

The major influence in most appliances’ design nowadays is convenience. Not every household requires a spacious fridge. Others require a more functional unit that is at the same time an addition to aesthetic appeal. The best example to this modern touch in today’s appliances is the counter depth refrigerator. They are a useful design that fits with most modern home decors.

More special features:

  • Temperature control – some units are manufactured with drawers that are equipped with individual temperature control. This helps in storing a variety of food fresh for a longer period of time. A drawer for vegetables and fruits may be set at a temperature that will help keep them fresh and crisp longer. Another drawer may be set for a different temperature depending on what is placed in it.
  • Different designs, colors and styles – what makes them a perfect choice is the way their designs, colors and styles can camouflage and blend perfectly well in any kitchen system. They can be manufactured to have the same cover as the kitchen cabinets and drawers. For easier cleaning, some units come in full stainless steel design or heavy duty tempered glass for a more modern look.

Undoubtedly, counter depth refrigerators offer various special features despite the fact that they lack the room most standard fridges have. If you are considering putting one in your kitchen, keep in mind that they come in different sizes and depth so make sure to measure the available space intended for it. Prior to making a purchase, you might also want to check out different offers from different manufacturers to find the best type that will suit your needs.

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